Muizenberg has recently been voted in amongst the top 20 surf spots in the world. The easy waves and friendly nature of the surf and people combine to create a very fun, relaxed atmosphere enjoyed equally by the absolute novice to experienced board users.

From short boards to SUP boards, wetsuits to leashes, there are ample stores right on the beachfront which can rent or sell you exactly what you want.

Booking lessons and equipment is as easy as ordering an ice cream and with the healthy competition on our doorstep, all suppliers come highly recommended.

The beachfront is home to a diverse culture of skateboarders, bmx'ers, surfers, kite boarders, families and sun tanners alike. Electric gyroscopic unicycles have been introduced and look like the new way to get around.

Make the most of the setting and the easy environment Muizenberg offers you. It is a place with tremendous diversity waiting to be shared and explored.

Further down the beach the kite-boarders have made their home.

Just far enough not to harass the surfers and beach goers but close enough to jog enthusiastically in 5 minutes, these men and woman tear around at super high speeds and get more than their share of hang-time.

As with the surfing, lessons and equipment are easily on hand for those who enjoy the rush over the more sedate smiles of the surfers.

Above the Beachfront

The trails on the mountains above Muizenberg are spectacular.

Spes Bona forest and Echo Valley are both stunningly beautiful examples of natural Cape mountain vegetation, rich with fynbos and ancient yellowwood trees.

With the bright colours of succulents and proteas, the paths and trails really are worth exploring. From gentle hikers to avid trail runners, there is something for everybody. The network joins together with easily navigable intersections which link up to long options which can potentially take you to the cable car or conversely a quick summit viewpoint mission in 30 minutes.

It really is magical on the mountains that stretch across our famous peninsula.